Monday, May 20, 2013

New Releases from Loree Lough

 ISBN 978-1-60374-719-6 EMMA'S ORPHANS -- Emma Wright knows the loneliness of being an orphan. Maybe that's why her Maryland home seems to attract children left parentless by accident or the recent Civil War. It is hard to care and provide for them on a nurse's salary, and finding Christian homes for them requires more wisdom than Emma possesses on her own. As able and independent as she seems, Emma dreams of the day a strong Christian husband will share her burden.
She thinks her prayers might have been answered when she meets handsome carpenter Nate O'Neil. But, though the war is over, Nate is still fighting a battle of his own. How can he offer himself to a fine woman like Emma when he still bears the guilt of past deeds? While Emma and Nate wrestle with their problems, the seven children in her care decide to take matters into their own hands....

ISBN 978-1-60374-723-3 LONE WOLF -- Released from prison in 1840 for a crime he didn't commit, Kent McCoy finds himself without friends, family, or a single reason to believe in a merciful God. Like a lone wolf, he leaves Dodge City, Kansas, and heads east in search of a place where his past won't darken his future.
His wandering path collides with that of Abby nelson, who, through a series of tragic events has come to believe that love and happiness are beyond her reach. Life is a matter of existing from one day to the next on her last thread of strength--her faith in God's power.
Despite their tendencies to live on the fringes of life, Abby and Kent are strangely drawn to one another. But will suspicion, self-righteousness, and lack of faith cost them this chance at happiness in one another's arms? Or will they surrender to the love born of forgiveness?

 ISBN 978-1-60374-721-9 PRISCILLA HIRES A HUSBAND -- In Baltimore, Maryland, 1868, Priscilla and Caleb's marriage of convenience seems the only solution. She'll do anything to provide for her beloved grandparents; he needs her help to rescue his failing farm.
Despite her resolve to the contrary, Priscilla finds herself drawn to her husband, a man she knows is still in love with his late wife, Laura, who has been gone for eight years. Meanwhile, Caleb struggles to control the growing love he feels for Priscilla...and the guilt that love awakens.
In desperation, he prays God will give him the strength to solve his dilemma: Keep the precious vow made on the day he buried Laura...or keep his newly-spoken marriage vows to Priscilla....
Whitaker House titles, better than new re-releases (July, 2013):

ISBN 978-1-603748-769-7 DREWRY'S BLUFF --When Drewry Sheffield's uncle promises her in marriage to pay a gambling debt, God seems strangely silent. Orphaned, and with no kin to help her, Drewry feels she must take matters into her own hands, and quickly....
Through an unexpected turn of events, she arrives in Richmond, Virginia, ready to assume a new identity as nanny to two children of wealthy plantation owner, Chase Auburn. Chase, a God-fearing man who prizes honesty above all other virtues, is delighted with Drewry. And yet, he seems strangely preoccupied: The Lord has taken his beloved wife, and he has vowed never to love again. Caught up in the chaos of the post Civil War South and the turmoil of her own heart, Drewry must find a way to gamble on the truth...before Chase decides to call her bluff!

ISBN 978-1-60374-849-0 JAMES'S JOY -- Home from the war a hopeless cripple and the master of a ruined plantation, James Sheffield must learn to live again. But his own conscience won't let him begin. A dark secret holds him prisoner and alcohol is his only escape.
When an intriguing woman enters his life, James resolves to make a new start. But considering his history of misfortune, can he really expect Joy McGuire, the pastor's daughter, to ever be his? Especially when he believes she is promised to another, the handsome young assistant pastor who is quick to cast a stone at James.
Will James conquer the tyranny of his past? And will Joy listen to the truth in her heart before the rumors around her become deafening?

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