Monday, July 15, 2013

'Dawning', a debut novel by Olivia Stocum

Historical Romance set in the Scottish Highlands --- available through Amazon on Kindle or in paperback.

Scotland, 1599 . . .   

He abandoned her. She had failed to be enough for him. The empty space he left behind hollowed out her heart, and she wondered what to do with the rest of her life. 

When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona fears she will never see him again. Four years later, a threat against her life forces her to depend on a mysterious, cloaked rogue known as Blackhawk. 

She knows he is capable of protecting her, but what is he hiding? Why does he refuse to show his face?   

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kathy Boyd Fellure's Children's Books

1) When the Birdies Came to Tea  ~ Book 1

The oldest Blake sisters ~ Susannah and Katie, who are the same age one week every year, are celebrating their fifth and sixth birthdays in a most unusual way. Nana has planned a tea party but asks the girls to give gifts instead of receiving them, to new friends she has invited.
Katie is confused about this undesirable concept and tries to discover who these kids are and why they want to ruin the party.
She is certain it is the Stink Boys from down the road, until the new friends begin flying in...

2) Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch  ~ Book 2

The youngest Blake sisters, Kelsey and Sharon, are left behind at the grandparent's cabin after their parents take the four older sisters on a ski trip. They soon forget their disappointment when Nana and Papa suggest they build their first snowman.
So the fun begins with hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies, a snowball fight, and chasing a doe and her fawn around the cabin.
The girls picnic lunch disappears and the youngest sister thinks the snowman ate it because he's holding a half-sandwich with a bite missing in his pine-cone-thumb and pine-branch-finger hand. The older sister disagrees. Then who did?

Bear Cub Adventure ~ Book 3

The middle Blake sisters, Marsha and Becky, get to go on a camping trip to Sugar Pine Point State Park, ALONE with their parents! Unfortunately they are surprised to find out the cub scout, Stinky Boys are going on the hike with them. Why would the girls parents leave their sisters behind and invite the neighbors?
Trek along with the trail with these two families and meet the critters they encounter along the way, including a mama bear and her cub, and learn a few lessons every camper should know.
(Wonderful illustrations of a porcupine, beaver, skunk, raccoons, owl, deer, fish, and one more bear cub than expected)

Nana's Tin of Buttons ~ Book 4

The six Blake sisters are once again visiting their grandparent's Lake Tahoe cabin while waiting for their new sibling to be born.
What can the bored girls do for fun on a rainy day?
Nana suggests they make button necklaces and tells them the story behind the buttons in her tin. At first the sisters aren't thrilled but they soon have a change of heart and each girl designs her own personalized necklace.
The sun comes out the next day so Papa piles everyone in the car for a drive around Lake Tahoe while they continue to wait for news about the baby.
Will the baby be a brother or another sister?
The girls visit their favorite Tahoe sites and return to a wonderful surprise.


Kathy Boyd Fellure is the second born of eight daughters in a writing family.
Her parents began reading to their girls and never stopped, continually adding books to children's bookcase even the wee ones were free to explore.
Kathy began writing stories in elementary school and continued through high school and college. Her first published words were in the non-fiction genre; slice of life, freelance newspaper reporting, and church columns.
After dabbling in poetry and song lyrics while stationed for three years in England with her military husband, she dipped her toes in the fiction genre and dove into the deep waters for a long swim.

The Blake Sisters Lake Tahoe Adventure Stories are beautifully illustrated children's story books for ages 4 - 8, or to 100 as her faithful readers proclaim. These historical accounts of Tahoe, California from 1959 - 1969, are rich in family values and honest sibling interactions. A teaching page ends each story with fun and interesting facts to learn and share.

Kathy's contemporary women's novels, On the Water's Edge, are represented by Wendy Lawton of Books & Such Literary Agency. The first novel is completed and presently being shopped, the work-in-progress is at a 50,000 word count, and Kathy plans to start the third this fall. These are also Lake Tahoe stories with a hint of romance, and struggles that lead to searching for the only One that can bring truth and salvation to overcome fear, unforgivness, and abandonment.

You can contact Kathy at the websites listed below and on Facebook and Twitter.
Kathy serves as the Distribution Editor for Manzanita Writer's Press, she is the founder of Amador Writer's Critique Group, (which hosts an annual literary read and is listed in the Jerry B. Jenkins 2013 Christian Writer's Marker Guide) and a member of ACFW and Inspire Christian Writer's. She teaches children's writing workshops for conferences and is available for guest speaking at retreats and writing seminars in both the children's and novel genres.