Friday, March 22, 2013

Jake Walker's Wife by Loree Lough

So what's happening with Loree Lough lately. Lots of things. Besides her recent series release 'First Responders', Loree has brought back to her readers one of her best stories. How can you go wrong with a handsome wayward cowboy and a heroine made of stouter stuff that falls for him?

…not a man wanted—dead or alive! For ten long years, Jake Walker has been on the run from murder, marshals, and bad memories. But now he has found Bess Beckley, whose caring heart and boundless soul could stop any man in his tracks.

Two young brothers and a grieving pa were the only men in Bess's life. Knowing they needed her was enough...until the day tall Texan Jake Walker rode onto the ranch and awakened dreams of impossible love and a life of her own!

She is determined to take away the haunted look in Jake's eyes and make him hers--forever.

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Photograph for the cover by Barbara H Campbell: Authors contact Barbara if you are looking for a book cover photo.

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